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SE Series

FS-Curtis SE Series oil-injected rotary screw air compressors provide you with world class innovation and maximum value. Premium quality components are standard and feature absolute rated filtration, energy efficient EPAct rated TEFC motors, precision BSA airends designed with the latest in energy saving rotor profiles (on models 20-50 HP).

Advanced AIMS-PLUSTM Controller manages the system and monitors temperatures and pressures to protect your investment and ensure you extract the maximum performance and energy efficiency from every kilowatt you use.
Available as base model or fully packaged with 120 gallon tank, prefilter & refrigerated dryer.
SE Series 5-15 HP
Energy Savings SE Series air compressors are powered by eCool Technology. SE Series saves energy and boosts efficiency with pressures to 190 psig and models from 5 to 50 horsepower. Through the most advanced rotor crafting techniques in the industry, precision cast rotor blanks are machined in clean climate controlled environments to ensure consistent tolerances that maximize compression efficiency. Each quiet, space- saving package incorporates eCOOL® Technology through compartmentalized thermal zones that increase efficiency and improve performance under pressure.
SE Series 20-50 HP
SE Series environmentally friendly air compressors are built with industry leading airends, hinged drive motor platform engineered to harness gravity and direction of rotation to ensure optimal belt tension under all operating conditions and pre-clean filters for lower operating costs.


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